1. Suzanne McNeal

    Dear Alexandra,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your blogs! As a non runner, I have found the information very interesting and informative. I feel that I understand better the complexities of your training program as well as your commitment to raise funds for the Crohn/ UC fFoundation. .I will be following your progress throughout the months as you train for the Miami marathon!
    Love the recipes. Keep them coming!! Plan to try the sweet and savory chicken with avocado soon!

    Cheering for you!

    • Hi Sue and thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you enjoy the blog and the recipes. I want to use the blog to post my recipes so that I can share them with you and Tara. I love how this blog can be more than just about my training but can also be a place to keep in touch for all of us. Big hugs to you and Barry!

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