1. Hi there! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could come check yours out. I’m so bummed out that the sun is setting earlier now. I don’t mind running in the dark too much, but I don’t like to run past the Primanti Bros in the dark by myself since it tends to be much less crowded there. That means I sometimes give myself permission to cut a run short and I tell myself it’s for safety purposes! 😉

    The one good thing about fall/winter coming is that the weather cools down and the garbage cans at the beach smell less! Every year when summer rolls back around that gross smell comes back out in full force! haha

    • Hey Kristina! No need to thank me, I love your blog and I’m happy to be joining the blogging community so we can talk about running in South Florida!

      I hear you about the sun setting earlier. The summer heat and humidity is a real downer, but I love being able to complete my afternoon/early evening run while it’s still light out. I’m not afraid of the dark either and I enjoy starting my runs before the sun rises, but you are right that some parts of A1A can be spooky, like south of Las Olas when there’s no one there. Like you, I run a lot on A1A so we probably crossed each other at one point! Aren’t you glad that the construction is finally giving way to a nice wide sidewalk? More space for us!

      I never noticed the garbage smell, yuck! Maybe I will now that you pointed it out. 😉

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